The Owl: The owl throughout history has been used as a symbol of knowledge and wisdom. Here at Jointed Creativity we strive to create innovative ways to engage folks in discussions and hopefully create a space for people to grow and learn. The owl represents that. It also represent the idea of being a 'night owl.' Staying up late at night working, searching for your prey (in our case, success), while others can be found sleeping. Owls also have prominent eyes, which allow them to have great vision. They can see things in 3 dimensions. This is how we see issues in our society at Jointed Creativity, we look at all the aspects and try to translate that into our work. To top it off, nocturnal animals have a heightened sense of hearing. We believe we have the same ability when it comes to listening to our communities and our supporters.

The owl and Jointed Creativity have a lot in common. We hope you joint us in our movement and help us take flight (pun intended)!